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As starting-out Estheticians, we find that we are more like sponges, very dry sponges. People who are so willing to take anyone's advice. I know I thirsted for that knowledge and it taught me a lesson... I wanted to know the right way to do everything. All the ins and outs of Esthetics and the treatment room. But I found this also held me back quite a bit... especially from my most favorite tool, the Comedone Extractor.

Over time that quest for others knowledge soon faded. The best thing I ever learned was to jump in and learn with your own experience. You're given the simple procedure and practices in school everything else you learn for yourself. But when I first entered continued education, I found a multitude of voices telling what I should and shouldn't do and an abundance of them contradicted each other. One of the first things i told was a "no-no" was the Comedone Extractor. Yes, I was told do not EVER use this tool. I was told I would be hurting my client. I was told that the "deep" impressions made by this tool can scar your client. The last thing I was told is that this tool, this horrible tool, wasn't used by professional Estheticians. Only professional Estheticians use nothing but gloves and soft tissue.

So, I stayed away. I was the professional Esthetician. Or so I thought. Years after gloving up and wrapping my fingers in tissue, years after turning away suggestions of this magical soon to be life changing tool, I ran into the holy grail of blackheads. This client reached to me for help and they remained loyal, trusting me to fix their skin. Weeks and weeks, tissue after tissue, I was feeling defeated. This client invested so much time and money in me I could not let them down. I reached for an extractor. The sacrilege of everything I was taught.  

I went in, prepped the skin and advised my client that we were going to try something a little different this time and that I need their complete honesty... was this hurting them? 

Man oh man! Did my world flip upside down! I breezed through this facial like nobodies business. Each little pore seemed to throw white flags up immediately. It was a thrill, almost like a high. Watching each blackhead come to the surface with ease. As Estheticians, most of us are "popiholics" we thrill from this instant gratification. This tool, magnifies this. Allowing for faster and deeper satisfaction and the only part that matters is that my client said it was LESS PAINFUL. Yes. Instead of me pinching and slipping with my pitiful tissue, the control of having this tool aloud me to get more extractions done in a faster amount of time, without scaring or bruising my clients. 

The moral here, its not always the tool, it's you. If you're hurting your clients, its most likely your technique! Which is okay, just pay attention to your clients reactions and adjust your pressure. Extractions hurt, but you are a professional. Trust in yourself enough that you understand the skin and that you will not damage the skin. If you're being mindful of how your using your Weapons of Mass Beautification...  You will not fail your client.

Besides JUST the technique of the Esthetician, the quality of the tools has a huge impact. Like everything we use, we put complete thought into what we choose. At least we should be. we think about what lines we want to work with, from skin care to wax to the little things in between like Esty wipes and cotton rounds. SO what makes an exceptional tool, such as comedone extractors? Or even scissors or tweezers?

Quality. Look for quality materials. You're going to want to look for some words that will guide you into choosing the best tool for the job. Look for words like "Stainless Steel" "Medical Grade" or "International Standard". You want your instruments to be able to handle a heavy workload. Stainless Steel is going to be strong and able to be sanitized over and over without wearing or weakening. We work with the skin, a delicate park of the skin, so made sure your tool is an appropriate grade to work with. Our treatments are no DIY, we need our tools to last and represent the professionalism we have. What is your must have tool? If you are looking for a quality Comedone Extractor kit  that includes tweezers. Look no further : ) We got you covered. It is Esthetician Approved.

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