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When it comes to marketing, a lot of esthetician's focus only on referrals or old school tactics that work with little results. This usually ends up with expensive, often ineffective, marketing efforts that lead to disappointment. 

In this world with Social Media, Billboards, TV Commercials the average client is seeing hundreds if not thousands of advertisements every single day from companies fighting for their attention. How do you stand out?

Be A Walking Advertisement. 

That is right. Esthetician T-Shirts. You may be thinking, you just said "old school tactics" However, even though t-shirt marketing has been around for years, it is still effective in todays world. In fact, there is no better time than now. In today's world there are millions of distractions from online to even in the mail. 

Estheticians find that advertising themselves on apparel is effective because it travels as far as the person wearing it. Not only can a t-shirt reach an impressive number of people in any given day, but t-shirts can be re-worn over and over. This means that a one-time advertising investment of a few dollars per t-shirt can reach thousands of people, and continue to work for you. 

Esthetician Apparel

Conversation Starters

When people think of company clothing, they usually think of boring corporate t-shirts/polos. As Estheticians we know this is not an option because we can NOT sacrifice our style. We know this first hand, we couldn't find a relevant spot made specifically for Licensed Estheticians. So we made one! We made "Estyspot" to be interactive, fun and always evolving. You can be creative with your clothing, but the most important thing is to create conversation. We tried to make that part easy for you. We create all of our Esthetician Apparel with that in mind.  

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