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Jade Roller Benefits And best practices for Estheticians

Why Jade Rollers?

The Jade Roller Benefits are AMAZING! Let me explain. Lately the beauty industry seems to have a new little green friend that estheticians either rave about or don’t seem to fully comprehend. The Jade Roller! It’s strange to think how with all of today's advanced technology such a simple tool can really be an estheticians go-to protocol, after all not all skin ailments require highly advanced exfoliation and electricity. Sometimes clients just need a little time with one of nature's strongest metaphysical gifts.

Importance of Jade

Why is Jade so special? Jade has been used for centuries by many different cultures for purposes such as; polishing tools for primitive people in the British Isles, being the base stone used to carve deity symbols for indigenous tribes, or used for blessing, protection, and healing throughout Chinese history. Specifically within the realm of skin care Jade is raved about for its ability to improve blood circulation, assist in eliminating toxins, benefit lymph drainage, reduce puffiness, wrinkles and dark under eye circles, as well as help tighten pores. Over many years Jade has been known as a powerful cleansing stone because of its aid to the bodies filtration and elimination organs. Now how can a simple stone do all that, to understand let’s break down what jade is in scientific terms. Jade is a combination of 2 distinct minerals; Nephrite, (a calcium magnesium silicate), and Jadeite, (a sodium aluminum silicate). As Estheticians we have heard about these mineral building blocks and how each one has an importance to the healthy function of our bodies including our largest organ, our skin.

Best Esthetic Practices

Well how should an Esthetician use the various benefits of Jade to create the best service for their clients? Many current Jade Roller techniques are based off of ancient chinese medicine practices that use the stone to massage and manipulate facial muscle tissue. However, this technique all comes together when the stones are used to stimulate acupuncture energy points. *(To learn more about acupuncture energy points refer to studies on reflexology of the face). The tool can be used to replace the facial massage step during treatments or added in conjunction for extra benefit. Jade rollers can potentially have an immense roll to play in enzyme facials or facial peels too, like cooling globes jade rollers can be slightly chilled during a treatment and then used to cool the skin creating a soothing aid while also tightening pores for a genuine complete finish to your clients facial. My personal favorite time to use Jade rollers is during final moisturization. Using 2 rollers helps to create a ‘dual brush technique’ feeling so both sides of the face can be treated simultaneously. Clients get a new unique massage while the roller improves serum penetration and stimulates lymph drainage even after their treatment has ended. After all, we all want clients to leave from their facial feeling, rejuvenated, relaxed and reborn so why not bring a tool into your practice that can help do it all.


By: Jada Rose
Instagram: @jadaesthetics_llc

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