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Are you an esthetician looking to start your very own business? Read on to learn the top tips for starting an esthetician business.

The global cosmetics industry will be worth $834 billion by 2024 - so now's the perfect time to start your esthetician business.

Making people feel great about themselves is the most rewarding part of the job - any by running your own business, you can make a huge profit doing something you love.

However, as nine out of ten startups fail in the first five years, it's vital that you lay the groundwork for a successful business before you start taking on clients.

Check out these essential tips to make your career as a medical esthetician a success from the start.

10 Essentials to Launch a Successful Esthetician Business

From paperwork to marketing strategies, here are the vital steps you need to take to ensure success from the very start of your new esthetician business.

1. Treatment-Specific Training

Medical esthetician treatments, such as microdermabrasion and laser therapies, require formal training and certification before you can perform them on people. 

Decide which treatments you'd like to offer and take the relevant training courses. This can take some time to complete, so plan ahead of your business launch to make sure you're qualified for every treatment you want to offer.

2. Your Cosmetology License

All states (except Connecticut) require every esthetician to have a cosmetology license in order to run their business.

When you've completed your basic training as an esthetician, apply for your cosmetology license as soon as possible. This will give you plenty of time to handle any delays in the paperwork before launching your new business.

3. Business Registration and Paperwork

While you wait for your license to be approved, register your business. Choose your brand name, and decide which business structure you want to operate. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to each structure you can choose, so make sure you research which one will suit your business plan. Remember to think ahead, too: do you want to have one salon, or build a franchise? This will affect your structure. 

4. Professional Insurance

Put extensive public liability and professional indemnity insurance in place before you go anywhere near a client.

While you will have extensive safety processes and checks in place in your workplace, skincare is unpredictable. Cover yourself with an extensive insurance policy to make sure any litigation doesn't put you out of business.

5. Business Finance Plans

From a business bank account to finding loans for your equipment, research the best way to finance your business launch.

Look into supplier partnerships as a way to regulate your expenditure - especially in the first few years of business. Hire equipment instead of buying it, and arrange sale-or-return agreements with suppliers to reduce financial waste.

6. Company Branding

When your business paperwork is sorted it's time to think about how your customers will find you. 

Before you start marketing your new esthetician company, you need a strong brand that is recognizable and stands out from competitors.

Hire a designer to create a striking brand logo, color palette, and font sets that you can use across all of your marketing. Keep a consistent brand style with everything, from your logo on your uniform to the font on your own-brand cosmetic packaging.

When you choose the colors for your branding, make sure they will suit your vision for the spa furnishings, too. The brand needs to be consistent throughout everything you do: if neon orange walls don't suit your spa design style, avoid using it for your logo.

7. A Detailed Marketing Plan 

Create a detailed marketing plan that includes a vision for every quarter of your first year of business.

How will you find your ideal customers? What unique selling points will you promote to encourage those customers to visit your salon? Which digital marketing channels will you use?

Make sure you include plans for email, social media, and print marketing such as flyers and business cards. A multi-channel approach will make sure your new company is seen by as many potential customers as possible.

Build up a buzz around the launch of your spa well in advance of your doors officially opening. Consider holding a business launch event, offering incentives for new customers, and even asking the local press to try your treatments for free. 

8. A Suitable Venue

It's tempting to find a place with the cheapest rent and commercial rates, but consider the value of local customers. Who will pass by your salon? Who will see your services? 

If you're tucked away on a back street, it's much harder to create a reputation and promote yourself to passers-by. Consider investing in a suitable unit that's in the most prominent position you can afford.

Make sure the venue offers everything you need, too. Separate treatment rooms, changing rooms, showers, and washrooms, and pleasant waiting areas are all essential for making your customer feel comfortable and welcome.

9. Salon Equipment

Invest in the highest-quality spa furnishings and equipment that you can afford. It'll last longer and give a more luxurious feel to your esthetician's studio.

Some equipment is best to hire instead of buy. Speak to suppliers to find out which models are available on a lease: this will allow you to upgrade to newer equipment easily in the future, too.

10. Business Partnerships

Reliable supplier relationships will keep your spa running as smooth as your clients' skin. You don't need the hassle of running out of stock due to delivery delays or have customers complain about sub-par products.

Research your potential business partnerships and get to know suppliers before you sign any contracts. Set in place secure service level agreements, too, which will make it easier to hold your suppliers accountable for delays or errors.

Stock Up on Supplies

Setting up your esthetician business is an exciting but overwhelming time. Following the tips above will help you to develop a clear plan and make sure you don't miss the important things for a successful launch.

High-quality supplies, furnishings, and attire will scream luxury that your clients will love. Browse our online shop to see the latest in spa essentials to equip your brand new salon in style.

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