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Tips On Up-Selling Clients Additional Services

We are all consumers. We often rely on professionals in all areas to let us know what the best recommendations are for whatever our needs may be.  Think about the last time you were in a restaurant. Did your server suggest a drink or a menu item? What made you decide to go with their recommendation? If your server took your specific dietary needs into consideration, was excited about the suggested menu item and gave testimony; more than likely you just got up-sold and you probably really enjoyed it. It’s the same in our industry!

Our clients are relying on us to be the professional. That is why they are there to see you. Up-selling should not feel like a chore and you shouldn’t be afraid to recommend something that would benefit your client. Now there is a difference between a desperate, pushy salesperson and someone who really has their client’s best interest in mind. Every client is different and we should treat them as such. Some of my clients will follow through with everything I recommend, others need a bit more convincing. Here are some tips that have worked for me:

  • Take the time to really listen to your client and get to know their skincare needs and concerns. Everything needs to be custom and personalized. Don’t try to up-sell everyone on microdermabrasion for example, but maybe tell them why you wouldn’t choose that service for them. Maybe their skin is too sensitive or you feel there is a better way to achieve their skincare goals. This will open up the conversation of what you would recommend for them. I never agree to just do any service on a client. I often say No for some services. Doing so builds trust and clients are more likely to follow your advice if you need to add a peel, galvanic current or even have them come back for a more expensive service like microneedling.
  • Know the time to talk. A great time to talk about services is during a simple brow wax. You can do a quick skin analysis and suggest anything from dermaplaning to adding a quick tint to go with their service. During facials I pick a time, usually during the skin analysis or when I’m doing extractions to suggest add-on services. One of the fastest ways to lose a client is to make them listen to a sales pitch for the majority of their service with you. You want to come from a place of “this is going to be great for your skin and this is my professional opinion.” Clients can pick up on desperation so we need to exude confidence when suggesting a new treatment. At the end of my service, I always walk my client to the front desk and we chat on the way about when I would like to see them what services they should book next time. After my client has tried a new service with me, I like to send a text or email to see how they are doing the next day.
  • Get excited! If you are excited about offering a new service (or maybe just new to your client) they will be too! Start planting that seed as soon as possible. Put it in your newsletter, let your clients know what’s coming up. With so many amazing treatments in our industry we can add new services relatively easy. So, study up on trends, see what the celebrities are doing, go take that class and buy those tools! Get your clients excited about what’s new. In my practice I have a microcurrent machine that is also used by a well-known celebrity. I let my clients know this and this helps me up-sell the service. What information can you find on your services? Who is getting it done? Who just posted about it on Instagram? Get that buzz going!
  • Share photos and testimonials. This is so easy to do on social media and in your treatment room. Show your clients the real results of your services. I like my clients to follow me on social media so that when I mention the service that I’m recommending for them, they are already familiar with it and more likely to give it a go. If your clients don’t have a social media account, keep a book of before and after photos in your treatment room. It’s also a great idea to put a before and after photo album in the reception area so that clients can browse through while they are waiting.


Believe in yourself and your services. I personally try every product and service before it gets to my client. If I’m not a fan, I’m not going to do well in selling it. Stick with what you are comfortable doing. Don’t try to upsell a service if you aren’t confident. If you are amazing at lash lifts or you are passionate about high frequency, recommend that. Remember you are the professional and they are trusting you to make the best decision for their skin. You’ve got this!

Written by - Jennifer Priest 

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